Culture at the Forefront of SDEC 2012

Last week, I had the privilege of participating in the Software Development and Evolution Conference 2012 (SDEC) put on by Protegra. Over the past number of years, the Agile talks I have seen were amazing practical examples of how to use Agile techniques to gain productivity, capture customer feedback, achieve shorter iteration cycles, and deliver better quality software. At last year’s SDEC and at the Winnipeg Agile User Group, I listened to and told stories about how real teams have learned to use these techniques at their organizations. This year, an overwhelming theme emerged from keynote presentations to lightning talks: … Continue reading

Professionalism: The Heart of Agile

I just recently finished reading The Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection, which includes Clean Code and The Clean Coder. These books gave me excellent food for thought on what it means to set the bar for yourself and to live by a code of honour in your craft and your conduct. The theme of both books is professionalism: taking full responsibility for your actions: writing thought-out, disciplined code, learning how to draw the line and only make promises you are able to keep, communicating and collaborating until all ambiguity is gone, and working toward the best possible solution with the information … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, My Dear

Nine years ago, I was a nervous wreck. There were a bunch of people over at my parents’ house and I was on a tight schedule with a long day ahead of me. After grabbing some breakfast and a coffee, the girls and I headed out to get our hair done. I was uptight as hell, and it didn’t help that there was a video camera in my face as my hair was being pulled and sprayed into an updo. Back at the house, I threw on my dress and put on some makeup. Oh no, a pimple! Cover-up. Shortly … Continue reading

Flex 4 Accordion with Dynamic Child Validation

I am currently working on a Flex application that has a lengthy form to fill out, which I have split into sections and sub-sections using Accordion controls. To help keep track of invalid fields, I made some modifications to validate the last visited Accordion child on selection change, and make the header chrome color red if any of its form fields are invalid. If you click on the form Submit button, all Accordion children are validated and appear red if any of their form fields are invalid. Kudos to Peter deHaan, whose Flex Examples blog is such a great learning … Continue reading

Clearing out the Cobwebs


At the beginning of June, I made the decision to join Protegra, where I am looking forward to working with great people, growing my skills and experience, and making contributions to the developer and IT community through blogging, user group participation, and speaking engagements. Before I started, I decided to take a week off between jobs to settle my brain, contemplate my new position and my career goals, and do some much-needed house-cleaning. It’s funny how you don’t notice how messy your house is getting until you start cleaning, or until you’re about to have someone over for a visit. … Continue reading